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Yes, you can make money from the Internet! StratosLife provides a complete online business system for a one-time fee of just $19.95, provides products of real value, plus a robust compensation program that really works!


NO Monthly Fees  NO Expensive Programs  NO Lame Products

You get the ultimate digital product library, video training, your own corner of the cloud, and a quantum referral payout option for a one time cost of $19.95 - plus a money back guarantee.

The Essential Market Masters Bundle includes the best hand-picked applications, templates, graphics, audio files, e-books and more.


The StratosLife® Compensation Model Payout System

Compensation Model

To earn big, we've made available our "Cooperative Compensation Model" (CCM) which has no limit on what you can earn. We pay you on four generations for referring other people to Stratoslife, and provide you with all the marketing tools you need We collect the funds and pay you out to make it the simplest way to earn from the Internet. 

We pay you $3.00 for every personal referral, $3.00 for each person referred by people you referred, $3.00 for each person they refer, and on one more generation we also pay you $3.00 for each person referred. 

Suppose you, and everyone else refers just an average of 1 person per month (and take 2 months off) over the course of a year. Some people will refer more than 10 and others less so let's average 10 per person for the year. The chart to right shows what you would make in this scenario - $33,330.00!

Example of Earnings

Level 1 personal referrals: 10 X $3.00 = $30.00

Level 2 referrals are your 10 x 10 (100) X $3.00 = $300.00

Level 3 referrals are 100 x 10 (1,000) X $3.00 = $3,000

Level 4 referrals are 1,000 x 10 (10,000) $3.00 = $30,000

You are not limited to 10 referrals, you can refer as many people as you wish, but with a value of $1,000's of dollars in products for just $19.95 we believe everyone can refer an average of 10 people a year, this would reward you with $33,330.00 AND you only made 10 personal sales! Plus you'll have all the products included in our Essential Market Masters Bundle.

Here are a few featured collections included in the bundle!


This collection is not only a valuable resource for you, it also contains Master Resell Rights products you can RESELL and keep 100% of the profits.

Profit with the Power of Resale Rights
Stratoslife offers:

  • Products to resell as your own.
  • Products with Private Label Rights (PLR).
  • Content to use on a website or blog.
  • High Impact Graphics you can legally use.
  • A dedicated Support Team providing specialized training.
  • Audio or Video content you can legally use.
  • Apps you can put your own name on or improve.
  • 11PowerfulWpPluginsIM_mrr
  • 50ListBuildingTech
  • 50WaysBizUseSocialMedia
  • 50WaysBuildBLinks
  • 50WaysMonetizeSite
  • BackendProfitMulti_rr
  • BadAssHeadlinesV1[1]
  • BannerNinja[1]
  • CommissionMiner.8326
  • CreditRepair_mrr
  • FBViralImagesWP[1]
  • Google-Plus[1]
  • GPlusForWP2[1]
  • LinkBuilder
  • LinkPartnerAnalyzer
  • ListAuthority_mrr
  • ListBuildingLie.8136
  • ListCleaner
  • LSIDigger
  • MarketSpy
  • MillionDollarJVs_rr
  • MiniMoneyMachine.6182
  • MonsterNiche.8137
  • MotivatorBuzz
  • SoloAdSecrets
  • WPKeywordTool[1]
  • WPSharepointPlugin[1]
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As you can see, Stratoslife offers you unimaginable value for a one-time fee of $19.95; you receive the digital product portfolio we value at over $1,000, a means to make lots of money referring people to Stratoslife, your own corner of the cloud, and training.


Your initial investment is less than 20 Bucks!

With StratosLife® it costs less than a decent meal out to start. We even supply a website for free, you just use your affiliate links to promote the opportunity. With such a low startup cost, everything you make will be profit.  Plus you get well over $1,000.00 in products you can use to enhance your marketing efforts, and most of them you can also resell to make additional profits!

No ongoing monthly operating costs

Most businesses have an upkeep cost that need to be taken into consideration on a monthly basis. As an affiliate marketer with StratosLife®  your monthly cost is zero! There are no other overheads. With such low operating costs, you can spend a bit more time or money for extra marketing efforts which make you even more money; everything you make will more than cover any extra costs and the rest is pure profit for you.

Make money while you sleep

Stratoslife is not a physical store or a physical business that you need to staff and keep open. People may visit it from your affiliate links placed out on the web while you are sleeping and you could make money! As an affiliate of Stratoslife you can literally make money while you sleep. There are no opening and closing hours, StratosLife® is always open!

The income that keeps on giving

StratosLife® is all about recurring income! You place your affiliate banners or links in social sites, in blogs, anywhere on the web and many months later, you will find it is still giving you a steady income. Remember, your post isn’t going anywhere, it’s staying on the internet for anyone to find and possibly click on! 

Global marketplace

StratosLife® allows you to sell to the whole world. You are not confined to a store waiting for customers to walk in your door. No. You are present and active on the world’s largest marketplace, the World Wide Web! There are no boundaries and there are no limitations. This increases your visibility and your ability to sell!

No risk

StratosLife® offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, therefore you actually have no risk.  Even from the start of your investment to become an affiliate marketer of Stratoslife, you have less than $20 at risk. 

No warehousing of inventory

StratosLife® offers digital products that are immediately delivered to your customers by Stratoslife.  You have no inventory to warehouse, ship, or deliver; it's all being done for you with Stratoslife! There are no limitations to what you can sell or how much of it you can sell. This all translates into endless opportunities for profit making. Also, since there are no physical items being sent from you to the buyer, you don’t even need to worry about packaging and shipping!